Review: My Zombie Dog

my zombie dog cover

Title: My Zombie Dog
Series: Sequel: Undead Kev
Author: Charmaine Clancy
Published by: Self-published (Hot Doggy Digital Press) in 2012
Genre: YA, middle-school, horror
Length: 148 pages
Rating: 4 stars
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“Can I still have a dog? You know, for my birthday?” Which, did I mention, was today?
“I don’t know Zane, not so soon after Fluffy. We need time to grieve.”
“Mum! We only got the dog today, and it died in our driveway , so technically we never had Fluffy.”

This story was hilarious. As a self-published children’s book, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I absolutely loved every minute of it.

All Zane wanted for his birthday was a dog, but when his Mum brings home a small, fluffy dog he’s disappointed. He wants a man’s dog. When the dog dies on the driveway before even getting in the house, the day is locked in as the worst birthday ever. They bury him, but the next morning, Zane wakes up to find the dog sitting at the end of his bed, covered in dirt and smelling like a dead dog. And now weird things start happening to anyone who’s been bitten…

This is definitely my favourite zombie story. It’s fast-paced and filled with laughs. Charmaine Clancy has skilfully spun a horror tale into a normal boy’s life without making it too scary. It’s certainly got its creepy moments – his dog’s still decaying in his reanimated state, and the zombie people start congregating in his backyard – but anytime it’s about to cross the line into scary territory Clancy throws in a joke to break the tension. Although the book isn’t lacking action, and my heart was definitely racing through the last few chapters.

It’s a simple read aimed at young teens, but it’s easy to get absorbed at any age. The story never feels ‘dumbed down’. The matter-of-fact writing is straight to the point and never dawdles through a scene. It’s a fun, fast and exciting read.