Coming back from the dead


If you spend any time on the internet, by now you’ve probably heard the breaking Harry Potter news: JK Rowling has written another Harry Potter story.

If you haven’t heard the news yet, don’t get too excited. It’s a short article, written by Rita Skeeter, the much-hated journalist who got a kick out of tarnishing reputations (particuarly Harry’s) by manufacturing stories.

Hey, my eyes aren’t glistening with the ghosts of my past!

I’m a massive Harry Potter fan. They are my favourite books. I call Daughter of Smoke and Bone books my favourites, but that’s because Harry Potter isn’t just a set of books to me. I’ve read them so many times (10+) that they’re a part of me. I grew up with those books, and for several years they were all that I would read. Harry had a piece of Voldermort inside of him, but I have Harry Potter inside of me.

So here’s he kicker: I haven’t read JK’s new story. I’ve seen it, I’ve read about it and I even know what’s in it, but I haven’t read it. Because Harry Potter finished. It finished with tears, anger and a tonne of denial, but it finished. And with it, Harry Potter rolled itself up in a little cocoon and buried itself deep within me. For me it finished with the end of the novels, but for some it finished with the end of the movies.

Much like we’d lost a family member, we waded our way through the five stages of grief and accepted it for the amazing ride it was. Yes, I still revisit the books every 1-2 years, in much the same way as you reminisce with old photographs, draped in a cloak of nostalgia.

So imagine if you got a letter about that family member. Surprise! They hadn’t died. They were living their life somewhere else. How do you find a place for that information? How exactly do I bring Harry Potter back to the surface?

JK Rowling’s new story has brought with it too many questions. The largest, is Harry Potter really finished? This new story, the rumoured TV show, they’re setting Harry Potter up as a franchise I don’t think it should become. Harry Potter, to me, is the holy grail. It can never be beaten. It should be left alone.

So will I read the new story? Probably. I’m weak. Of course I’m going to give in. But I’ll read it like fan fiction. Anything that isn’t, right now, inside my Harry potter cocoon (my head canon, for those in the know) will never penetrate it. Harry Potter doesn’t exist outside of the books. To me, Harry Potter is dead.

What do you think about the new Harry Potter story? Have you ever loved something that turned into a disappointing franchise? Leave me links to your own musings!

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11 thoughts on “Coming back from the dead

  1. I completely agree with you, Harry Potter is pretty much my entire childhood, it’s part of me. The idea of them turning it into a franchise gives me very unpleasant goosebumps, the kind you get when you’re watching one of those hospital shows on TV or cringe at a horribly cheesy romance novel.
    But you should definitely give this new piece a read. In my opinion it doesn’t suggest that there is going to be another book, it’s just a little something to fuel the Harry Potter fire that everyone has going on!

    • I’m glad you agree! It starts to feel like people are milking it for it’s success, when maybe it’s best left untouched. To tarnish Harry Potter with a poorly done franchise thing (book, movie, tv show, whatever) would be a massive sin in my books, so I’m wary of anything new. I’ll definitely check out the story soon, though.

    • Thanks! I’ve been nominated before and never got around to actually doing it (I got distracted by a question on smores and then the whole smore-tastrophe it turned into), but I’ll check out your questions and maybe do it this time 🙂

  2. I’m glad JKR did this. I thought the epilogue was awkward and her non-HP stuff is just plain boring. This short story made me so excited, I was jumping off my seat!

    • Yes, the awkward epilogue is what makes me want to read the story. Frankly I think the books would have been better ending without it. Maybe if I read this I can remove the epilogue from my cocoon and replace it with the story 🙂

      I’ve never read her non-HP stuff, but JK is a great author, so I think maybe I should give it a go? I know it will never be as good as HP but I might be surprised.

      • I read better fanfiction than that canon epilogue. I was scratching my head as to what happened there. It was like JKR wasn’t feeling it at all. The movie version made it slightly more bearable but still… no.

        Ugh, I started that Cuckoo’s Calling or whatever book of hers under a pseudonym and it literally put me to sleep. I tried reading it 3 times now and I keep giving up. Same with “Casual Vacancy”. I read until chapter 7 but then I realized that I remember nothing from the chapters previous. It’s a weird thing.

  3. Hmm, I probably will read this at some point, though I think I might just re-read Harry Potter first, haha.
    I think if I end up not liking the short, I’ll be like you and just pretend it didn’t happen/not part of the canon 😉

  4. No, I’m unlikely to read a new HP story. In fact I must admit ( probably because I devoured Potter as adult, not child) that I never had desire to read any more Rowling. I enjoyed HP enormously and entered its world as books, but though I saw a few of the films wasn’t that drawn to them. Probably because of not being the right age!

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