Out of the pages: bookish fan art

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I’ve often said my favourite part of reading is the imagination, my mind completely dropping out of reality and immersing itself in another world. There are certain scenes I can still see vividly in my mind – Jace and Clary in the alleyway (City of Fallen Angels), the car park elbow dislocation (Beat The Reaper), Arachne’s lair (Fated)…

But as soon as I start to really look at the images in my mind, they start to slip away. If I try explaining or drawing what I see, they disappear. Because there’s a dream-like aspect to these images that doesn’t make sense in reality. Sometimes there’s more than 360 degrees or maybe gravity doesn’t move in the right direction.  It’s very Inception. Images at first might make sense, but as the books add different details, my world must bend.

This is why I’ve always loved bookish fan art. The artists can not only visualise the image, but also explore it well enough to draw, paint or illustrate it. Sometimes it’s the characters, a scene or an interpretation of the story, but it’s always magical. It’s a book coming to life in the hands of a person.

This is a collection of my favourite fan art from my favourite books (that have not become movies – I’ve always felt the films ruined the magic of bookish fan art).

Please note: I have contacted the people responsible for these images and they have kindly given me permission to post their art. Please don’t steal it. Visit the original Deviant Art pages if you’re a fan, and leave a comment or check out their other work. These guys do fan art for heaps of books and you might find some from your own favourites. 

Collage image

  1. Harry Dresden by thegryph (The Dresden Files – Jim Butcher)
  2. Atticus O’Sullivan by Codi Vrosh (The Iron Druid Chronicles – Kevin Hearne)
  3. Mr. Wednesday by zelu (American Gods – Neil Gaiman)
  4. Meeting by Jo-yumegari (Daughter of Smoke & Bone – Laini Taylor)

Do you like fan art? Which is your favourite? Let me know if you do your own fan art because I’d love to check it out! And remember to leave me links to your own Musing Monday posts!

Musing Mondays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading, in which we muse about books and reading.  Anyone can join in!


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