Book Haul: Presents from the mail lady

book haul collage (3)

There’s something electrifying about seeing the mail lady struggling with three cardboard packages in one hand and the electronic signature-taker (what is that thing called?) in the other. I wanted to just grab the packages and run because I knew exactly which three books they were going to be.  Three beautiful books, two with gorgeous art by Jim Di Bartolo.  It’s hard to know which one I was most excited for.

Secret: Anyone paying attention will know I’ve already finished two of these books. It took me a while to remember to post the haul. Shh…

fangirl coverFangirl by Rainbow Rowell – I knew I had to read this book as soon as possible.  As a self-proclaimed fangirl myself, I knew this book would be (should be) relatable like no other.

in the shadows coverIn The Shadows by Kiersten White (text story) and Jim Di Bartolo (art story) – This is a beautiful hardback, with glossy white pages (watch out for the killer papercuts).  It has two parallel stories – one in the text and one in the art.  In the end you realise the connection between the two stories and I promise it will blow your mind. I did not, and (could not possibly) see it coming.

lips touch coverLips Touch Three Times by Laini Taylor (story) and Jim Di Bartolo (art) – Laini Taylor (author of The Smoke and Bone Trilogy) is my favourite author.  She writes in a slow, poetic style that captivates me.  As soon as I saw her blog about this book, with her beautiful prose and her husband’s stunning art I knew I had to get a copy.  The art style is quite different to  In The Shadows – more fairytale and magical. Can’t wait to start reading this one!

I’ve got a couple of others, but I’ve been getting lazy with the photography.  I’ll space out the posts, though. I find large book haul posts can be overwhelming.

What books have you bought recently? Got any recommendations?


11 thoughts on “Book Haul: Presents from the mail lady

  1. Brandie says:

    I’ve never heard of In the Shadows nor have I read a graphic novel (yet) – but this looks really good. Thanks for the tip! I’m glad you liked Fangirl – I just LOVE RR!

    • I think it’s perfect for a first graphic novel because 50% of the story isn’t graphic. It can be a little difficult to grasp what’s happening in each picture and how it’s possible, but when you get to the end it’s like *mind explosion*. And when you flick back you’ll keep going “OOOOOHH”.

    • Cool! I’ve never read Jane Eyre. I had bad experiences with Wuthering Heights and Pride & Prejudice and ever since I’ve been weary of classic chick-lit (I know technically it’s not really chick-lit but I don’t know what to classify them as). What did you think of it?

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