Read-a-thon Day 7

Bout of Books

Last day of the Bout of Books read-a-thon!

in the shadows coverCurrently reading: In The Shadows by Kiersten White (Text Story) and Jim Di Bartolo (Art Story)
Books finished:
1. Paraphernalia: The Curious Lives of Magical Things by Steven Connor
2. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
3. The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda
Pages read yesterday: 134
Total pages read: 1052

I completed my goal! Three books in one week. It wasn’t really as challenging as I expected. I’m quite a fast reader. For the rest of the week (today), in between my sneezes and snuffles, I’ll continue reading The The Shadow which I started before the read-a-thon had begun. It’s a beautiful story with even more beautiful illustrations.

Tomorrow I’ll post my wrap-up and hopefully within a week I’ll be posting mini reviews of all four books.

Let me know how your week is going! Have you reached your goal? Will it be a mad rush to the end? And don’t forget to leave me links to your own Bout of Books posts!


3 thoughts on “Read-a-thon Day 7

  1. I never really know what to set for Bout of Books goals (which is why I tend not to get too specific). There are times when I finish a book in a day, but that’s not a pace I can keep up for very long. Some weeks three books is easy, other weeks it’s a stretch. I just never know.

    • Yeah, my reading seems to have fizzled out as the week ended. Partly because I reached my goal early and partly because I just didn’t have the kind of book I was in the mood to read. Reading is so influenced by mood it can be hard to guess how much you’ll want to read.

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