War is Over

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“They’ll never catch on, I tell you. Nothing will supersede the glorious paperback. ”  When e-readers were first introduced you could have mistaken me for an elderly lady fighting the introduction of computers.  There’s just something about picking up a book and flicking through the pages and smelling that smell.  Old or new – I didn’t care.  I refused to give up that smell. 

caution falling booksBut then last month something terrible happened – Mum bought me a Mini Kobo for my birthday.  I was a little resistant at first, but my family has an impressive collection of e-books so I thought I’d pick one up and give it a try.  It turns out I was right – e-readers won’t supersede the paperback, but that doesn’t mean there’s not a place for one in my life.

I can spend up to 90 minutes per day commuting on the bus and I always read a book.  It’s hard enough to carry my latest 600 page novel around but when I only have 30 pages left, I’ve always carted around the next book as well.  For some reason reading the news on my phone just doesn’t work for me.  So instead I risked permanent injury in order to have the next book immediately at my fingertips.  I’ll never forget the day I was nearly crushed under the fifth and sixth Harry Potter novels.

But the Mini Kobo has saved me from this hassle.  I can load it up with as many books as I want – without adding extra weight!  Plus it’s light enough that it saves me from serious injury when I drop it on my face late at night (You don’t know pain until you’ve dropped that fifth Harry Potter hardback on your nose).  I still love a good paperback, and you won’t stop me filling up my bookshelves with them, but there’s also a place in my heart for that little red Kobo.

Paper books vs e-books – Where do you stand?  What permanent injuries have you sustained from your reading habits?


9 thoughts on “War is Over

  1. You sound like me — I have been having the same battle. I love — and collect, it seems — books. Getting rid of a book is like getting rid of one of the pets. However, I do carry reading material around with me and find my Nook to be invaluable for that. I also find my Nook handy for reading in bed because I can turn the light off, not disturb the hubby and read however long I want by the soft glo-light. I have tried to decide between the two — physical and virtual books and I can’t — each seems to have it’s niche. I will continue to do both, as well.

    • I actually think specific e-readers are better than tablets because they have the dry-print screen, meaning the battery lasts WEEKS and they’re not backlit like a tablet which I find hurts my eyes. I believe my Mini Kobo was only $50, so it’s not a huge expense. If you really want a tablet, you’ll have to go instore and check what you think of the weight and screen clarity. There’s plenty of cheap but good Android tablets around. Good luck!

  2. Great post. I still love paper copies and buy many of my new books in paper. I also like the ease of ebook readers and have three, a Nook, a Kindle and my iPad. Paper will never go away but ebooks are much easier to travel with.

  3. I was like you when my techie boyfriend suggested an eReader, ignoring my protests he bought me one and I do enjoy the convenience (especially for holidays) and it is much easier to read in bed. I do however like to have physical books too so my collection is mixed between the two which works for me. I’m glad you are finding your commute easier.

  4. I converted mostly to ebooks years ago. My nook is light weight and easy enough to slip in my bag. I like you you can change the font, too.

    A while ago I tried to a paperback and realized that even it would have been fine less than a year before, now I missed the ability to change the font.

    Sonia Lal

    • As part of my protest I actually changed the font on my e-reader to be as close to possible as a paperback. It’s nice to not have to change the page too often. But as my eyes get worse (which won’t take long – I already wear glasses), increasing the font size will be a definite benefit to me.

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