Bargain Book Haul

book haul 7-4-14

I went to buy a pair of running shoes today (only $15 – score!) when I came across another bargain – $5 books!  I couldn’t resist, so I picked up these.  Not a bad haul for $20. I’m particularly excited by the Book of 40.

The Hunt – Andrew Fukuda (Paranormal Sci-Fi Fantasy)
Paraphernalia: The Curious Lives of Magical Things – Steven Connor (Non-Fiction)
The Picador Book of 40: 40 Writers Inspired by a Number – Charlotte Greig (Collection)
Burn Bright – Marianna de Pierres (YA Dystopian Fantasy)

Also, how great is the barcode scanner in the Goodreads phone app? Definitely check it out if you don’t use it. It automatically adds scanned books into a certain shelf. So easy!

What books have you bought this week?


Please leave thoughts and comments!

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