Book Review: Hounded by Kevin Hearne

Hounded book cover


Atticus O’Sullivan never lies about his age.  He’s 21, and if they assume he means years instead of centuries, that’s their mistake.  Set in the college town of Tempe in Arizona, Hounded follows the story of Atticus – a red-haired, badass Irish druid.

This is a fun, light-hearted novel that doesn’t take itself too seriously – a rare find in the fantasy genre.  It’s yet another novel that combines mythology from many faiths (Atticus’s legal representation includes a werewolf and vampire, he’s met Jesus and he thinks Thor is a prat) but that makes sense.  Why would the Irish gods exist if not the Christian and Norse?

Atticus might be 21 centuries old, and he might have hid from the Romans and battled with the Huns, but he acts exactly how you’d expect a college student to act – he loves Kevin Costner movies, and he finds wedgies and petty pranks hilarious.  It’s perplexing considering his age, but it may be a learned skill more than a plot error. You don’t outlive Gods without an incredible ability to adapt to change and blend in.

However the most interesting character in this novel is Oberon, Atticus’s best friend and pet Irish wolfhound.  Having bound their minds together, Atticus and Oberon can telepathically communicate.  While Oberon has always got French poodles and sausages on his mind, he is not just comic relief.  He is a master hunter with canine senses and wolfhound instincts that warn of danger.

When trouble strikes, Atticus and his loyal hound team up to take on witches and gods, with a little help from a pack of werewolves, an ancient witch and a couple of Irish gods.  This is an incredibly entertaining read.  It’s packed with action from beginning to end, with nary a dull chapter.  It will never make a list of classics, but that should not tarnish this novel’s (or its sequels’) ability to bring the reader some light-hearted fun.

Read more about Hounded by Kevin Hearne at Goodreads.


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